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Website Development

Architectural façade.


Multi Language Website

Chinese based Architectural Facade manufacturer Sunvast approached Take Heed to help them enter the international market in 2011, we developed a multi language website that allows for search optimisation in multiple languagesThe website changes language based upon a GEO Location as well as the search term in which the user has opted to use.

UI Design

“UI” in UI design stands for “user interface.”

Take Heed needed to create Survive Drive’s Drivers app that not only was visually appealing to truck drivers but also practical. Having a dark backlit screen reduces the amount of glare but also looks very similar to trucks dashboards.   

UX Design

“UX Design” stands for “user experience.”

Take Heed sat down with numerous drivers with several different wireframes/prototypes to see how drivers interacted with the mobile app to gain the desired scenario. Take Heed then produced the app that follows a methodical design approach that doesn’t allow drivers to breach any safety requirements st out by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

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